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11 Nov 11

KFC Double Down

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kfc double down

If your going to get this, then order a side of gravy to dip it in. Go out in a blaze of cholesterol!

4 Dec 10

Why Are You Naked?


I don’t know what to say….

4 Jun 10

The nasty stuff from the net

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WHY?????? WTF i dont even know where to begin with this..


not to sure why anyone would do this


And nothing like finding grandpa in a gay porno


12 Mar 10

The Claw Hand

its like the claw from one of those game machines.


25 Jan 10

Might Want To See A Doctor

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This is why you should always avoid those dirty whores. Get to the doctor now!

genital warts 01

31 Dec 09

Grandma got tattoos

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Girls, this is what your gonna look like 60 years from now.. so choose those tattoo’s carefully


9 Sep 09

Shouldnt play with matches

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Guess this guy learned


6 Sep 09

Bad Grandpa

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Look’s like grandpa forgot to take his pills again